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Cloud-Based Back-End Solution

If you plan on launching a new TV service or if you are a pay-TV operator looking to enrich your TV service with personal and social engaging TV experiences and capitalize on additional revenue opportunities in the multiscreen environment, our solution is for you.

Comigo ‘s Cloud-Based Back-End Solution enables you to quickly launch revenue-generating TV services and capabilities remotely, without requiring any additional investment, using its user-friendly management interface.

Comigo’s value-added services, personalization capabilities and social features, enrich the viewing experience of live TV channels, VOD, and OTT videos via a wide range of devices, including TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Comigo’s solution can easily be integrated with any existing operator’s BSS and OSS solutions (Provisioning, Billing, CRM, CDN, CMS, etc.).

Cutting-Edge Back-End Solution: The Modules

personalization  Personalization Engine
Comigo offers best-in-breed personalized TV experience enabling each viewer to:
quickly access favorite channels, be recommended content that suits his or her taste, watch internet videos especially gathered, set a personal watch list, continue watching a movie which had been stopped earlier and much more. Comigo’s comprehensive personal viewing experience goes beyond a specific screen.

social_engine      Social Engine
With Comigo viewers can bring social network of friends to the TV and enjoy revolutionary social features: Check what friends are watching now (if ”allowed”), recommend them “liked” content, invite them to watch together, communicate and interact.

watchapps   Engagement Module
With Comigo Engagement solution TV Service Providers can offer revolutionary content-aware Applications (WatchApps), overlaid on top of the broadcast stream. Comigo’s Engagement module includes an SDK for others to develop WatchApps and a web interface for the TV Service Provider to control and manage these applications

    Social Recommendations Engine
Comigo content recommendation and discovery engine gathers and analyzes personal and social related data bringing the most relevant content to the specific viewer.

      Insights & Analytics
Comigo enables the TV service provider to monitor viewing & usage patterns, understand viewers’ habits, track social behavior and much more. Extensive data related to users, devices, content and usage behavior is gathered and analyzed. The data and the insights provided by Comigo solution can be used by the TV Service Provider to improve and optimize its TV service, its content offering and generate micro targeted campaigns and advertisement.

   Features Provisioning
With Comigo’s Cloud-based Back-End solution the TV Service Provider can launch features and capabilities remotely at the time of choice and package features following marketing needs.

       Content Enrichment
Comigo’s content enrichment module identifies the content offered through the platform (movies, TV series or videos) and enriches its metadata from different internet and social sources.

       Android AppStore
Comigo offers a 3rd party ‘s white-label Android-based AppStore, with which the TV service provider can have a full control on what type of apps and games are offered to its TV users, while optimizing the experience to the big TV screen.

     Device Management (TR69)
Comigo is designed to reduce the TV Service Provider’s operational costs. With our Device Management module  operators can remote control their TV service, including the ability to upgrade remotely the software of a specific set-top-box or of group of devices.

   Media Hub
Comigo’s media hub consolidates content from different sources (live channels, VOD, OTT videos, Internet Radio, content apps), and present it in a simple and intuitive user interface.