EI Mind, being cloud based, is the ultimate enabler to push the envelope on the overall OTT experience carried by any device and supporting any UX/UI. A modern frontend architecture calls for a multi-tiered API calls and the APIs coming from EI Mind, delight the end-users and will push your experience to uncharted territories.
Entity Page
Enable the creation of cast/person/athlete page allowing for valuable interaction UX-wise to be put in front of the users with every possible metadata presented on-the-fly.
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Access real-time data, follow your favorite athletes and interact with the event on a whole new level.
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Who's On
Check out what friends are watching now. Tune in to watch their programs, invite them to watch yours.
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Social Network
EI Mind is portaling between viewership and the interaction among friends, as well as allowing for sharing/interacting on a whole new level- the entities among the social circles are now part of a thriving community around the content
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