As excitement over the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil mounts in the month leading up to the event, broadcast  television networks and channels throughout the world are gearing up for an avalanche of viewers from every corner of the globe.

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, U.S. viewers alone spent more than 26 million hours viewing content on the Internet, resulting in the largest online sporting event in the United States to date.

In a recent survey covering World Cup viewing habits, conducted by a leading U.S.-based multiscreen video advertising technology company to gauge the level of viewer interest in the upcoming games in Brazil – The survey indicates that there will be significant growth in multiscreen viewing.

This research supports the vast opportunities available to operators and carriers for massive revenue generation. Operators can monetize premium content on different devices (e.g., TVs, smartphones, and tablets) while maintaining a consistent and exceptional viewing experience. In addition, users can stream viewed content between devices, multiplying the number of times an advertisement will be seen and giving operators huge leverage in their offerings.

Such a multilayered solution provides brands with a “first-to-market” opportunity, leveraging inherent social networking features.

The survey provided insight into anticipated viewer habits during the World Cup:

  • Approximately 50% of viewers intend to watch online video of previous World Cup matches
  • Live streaming will be popular across all devices: computer 33%, tablet 22%, smartphone 11%, smart TV 13%
  • 74% will be watching World Cup matches from either a bar, friend’s home or at work
  • 63% intend to watch highlights on the computer, 23% on smartphone, and 25% on tablet
  • 46% agree that watching the games on multiple devices is important to them
  • 59% agree that by being able to watch on multiple devices, they are able to watch more matches
  • More than 54% intend to watch online video of completed matches

Over the next two months, there is expected to be a 10% bump in UK advertisingrevenues as brands seek to capitalize on the build-up to the tournament.

According to the, the UK will see a number of campaigns for alcohol, car, and sports-related brands in June, which will help inflate a 10% year-on-year increase in TV advertising revenues during a month when advertising revenue typically decreases. This will help create a “blockbuster” second quarter of 2014 in terms of advertising revenues.

In turn this will  enable  operators to energize and engage their customers with leading world brands, to take advantage of this trend and deliver premium multiscreen content that can  dramatically increase their source of revenue streams;

  • Wide variety of content – Operators can offer live TV (e.g., DTT, DVB-X, and IPTV channels), catch-up TV, Web-based content, VOD, apps and games, all in a multiscreen environment, which will inevitably lead to a significant increase in revenue across all channels.
  • Personal and social experience – Users can realize a personal viewing experience across devices, with the ability to share and interact with friends while watching TV, which will make viewing World Cup games so much more exciting.
  • Interactive experience – Operators can increase viewer engagement with content by offering content-sensitive applications, opening up additional new revenue opportunities.

We already saw these great capabilities implemented during the Sochi Winter Games, where exciting interactive and groundbreaking personal and social networking features introduced new opportunities for operators. Viewers had the ability to watch the events that truly interested them as well as record other events broadcast from a different venue on a different screen, and exchange comments and opinions with friends in real-time via Facebook and Twitter apps. These capabilities can have an enormous impact on a pay-TV operator’s revenue.

Learn more about revenue-generating opportunities for TV operators and interactive social TV, or visit Comigo website.

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