Social media has become an omnipresent influence on how we live our lives and will likely forever alter the way we interact with one another. People are becoming increasingly eager to offer their views on every aspect of life; from everyday occurrences to political events. The new and brave individual engages and challenges – and the purpose of technology is to keep up and facilitate new trends. One of the new innovations coinciding with the new spirit of the times is Interactive TV.

Instead of allowing the TV to dictate the rules of viewing, the viewer can now harness the TV to suit his or hers specific viewing pleasures. The transformation of the television set into a social and interactive device is the next step in the technological advancement of entertainment. The passive couch-potato-approach to television is no longer valid. The technology available to consumers’ today demands relentless engagement. Social TV, Facebook TV – and all forms of Interactive TV will transform a flaccid and often boring event into a dynamic, engaging and fun experience.

Studies now show that most people use their smartphones while watching TV. Therefore having a television set that functions not only as a generator of high quality programming, but also as a social interaction device, is the future of television.

Social TV allows the viewer to participate, engage and influence others. The more interactive and conducive to user engagement the programming, the higher the quality of programming will be because the viewers’ feedback is instant. With interactive TV, the user can post comments in real-time and discuss events as they happen – all on the same device: the user’s TV screen.

Whether commenting on the amazing goal that Messi just scored or streaming the live footage of a natural disaster into your smartphone, the purpose of interactive TV is to shape the TV into a reflection of the user’s mind. Interactive TV is a game changer because it allows the user to dictate the terms of not only what, but how to watch.

TV networks are constantly looking to beat the competition by offering content that is challenging and takes the viewer seriously. This trend has become increasingly visible in how content providers communicate their messages to the users and the viewers. The power of Twitter is an excellent example of how the entertainment experience is becoming a reciprocal game in which the user is in charge.

Passivity is a thing of the past. The revolution will be televised – on multiple screens and at your discretion.

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