It is a rare occasion when one witnesses the birth of a new product category based on the latest and greatest from AI (Artificial Intelligence). Employing AI for TV, leverages content interaction like never possible before.  Comigo calls this product category Experience Intelligence (EI) and at the heart of it, is the EI Cloud, a new kind of PaaS (Platform as a Service), which creates a superior OTT experience by automatic metadata enrichment, through crawling the best of the Internet (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, TMDb and more), as well as automatic metadata creation from the video feed’s subtitles, audio and images.

TekSavvy is an innovative ISP in Canada, operating in a very sophisticated and competitive market, where end-users have multiple options. To compete, TekSavvy, have always needed to differentiate every business offering they have released to the market. When decided to deploy TV to complete a full triple-play, it was clear that they can’t go for just any TV solution.

Comigo’s TV AI, resonated well with the aspiration for differentiation and a market message unlike any of their competition carries.

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