In a world where connectivity, data, and technology offer endless possibilities, the TV business is fighting for viewers’ attention and looking for new potential revenue sources. Now more than ever, operators, broadcasters, and content owners need innovative technologies that boost content and user interaction while enriching metadata.


Leveraging TV with the best of the Internet, Comigo’s Experience Intelligence (EI) product line goes somewhere that no other solution has gone before. By providing a holistic approach to these issues, EI redefines TV.


At IBC2016, one of the industry’s premiere events for professionals engaged in the creation, management, and delivery of entertainment and news content, Comigo will demonstrate how operators can drive contextual, personal, and social viewing experiences. Our holistic approach consists of three pieces: cloud-based experience and device management tools, one of the world’s first cloud PaaS with built-in artificial intelligence (AI), and best-in-class middleware. Here’s a sneak peek at what each solution brings to the table, working together to shift TV into unchartered territories.


EI Cloud

If you’re looking for flexibility in the OTT environment – look no further than Comigo’s EI Cloud. This set of Experience Management and Device Management tools is capable of working with any OTT back-end in the market, while exposing a full set of APIs to support any front-end, whether it is already deployed or in development.  Using EI Cloud, operators can empower content-related applications and services that encourage contextual viewer engagement, ultimately increasing satisfaction. By simplifying A-to-Z multi-device registration, maintenance, measurement, upgrades, and STB-specific operations, EI Cloud makes it easy to manage the growing number of devices used in today’s multiscreen world – from TVs to STBs, smartphones, and tablets.


EI Mind

An extension of EI Cloud and one of the world’s first cloud-based platforms as a service (PaaS) with AI capabilities, EI Mind offers an unprecedented content discovery experience beyond traditional programming guides, driving viewer engagement. Implementing big data and deep learning algorithms on top of natural language processing (NLP), EI Mind enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to analyze video, audio, metadata, and closed captions in order to contextualize, personalize, and socialize television experiences. At IBC2016, attendees can see how EI Mind identifies a variety of entities from content using neural networks technologies, driving a new set of AI capabilities to video front-ends.



EI Middleware

Delivering next-generation TV services — whether OTT, IPTV, or hybrid (i.e., terrestrial, cable, satellite) — wouldn’t be possible without an intelligent middleware solution. Lately, software-based solution have emerged as the ideal way to go, based on the high level of flexibility and versatility that they provide, enabling new features and services to be introduced quickly.

Comigo’s software-based middleware solution for STBs and TVs features a best-in-class user interface, with support for both AOSP and Android TV platforms. Boosted by the EI Cloud, it guarantees a superior viewing experience.


At Comigo, we know that television viewers are looking for an experience that goes beyond traditional offerings. That’s why EI Middleware also includes support for a range of WatchApp™ HTML widgets that offer contextual interaction with content for sports, ads, commerce, and many more applications. EI Middleware can be created based upon Comigo’s widgets catalog or custom-developed leveraging the WatchApp SDK.



Want to learn more?  Come visit Comigo, Sept. 9-13, at IBC2016 in Amsterdam at Stand 3.B52.

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