At TV Connect 2016, Comigo will bring to life: Experience Intelligence – a whole new category in TV experience capabilities. At the core of the Comigo solution is  Comigo’s experience intelligence engine (Comigo E.I.) that infuses the full power of the Internet into the TV experience.

We will also demonstrate our widely deployed OTT/IPTV experience platform. Using the platform, with the engine at its core, pay-TV and content providers can offer viewers the most advanced and engaging TV experience and create new value from content through a wealth of contextual services such as pedia, participation, discovery, and more, increasing viewer engagement on every screen, including TV sets, smartphones, and tablets.

Comigo’s solution includes the Experience Intelligence engine, HEVC and 4K Android™ set-top box (STB) solution, custom developed WatchApp™ Applications, and content applications for every screen.

TV Connect brings together a range of players in the TV industry under one roof. Here are three reasons why you do not want to miss visiting Comigo at the show: 

Experience Intelligence!

Throughout 2016 and beyond, pay-TV and content providers are going to be looking for ways to differentiate their offerings. At TV Connect, Comigo will show how service providers can connect TV content to various Internet services in a fully contextual manner and, as a result, create a viewing experience that is contextual and personalized, allowing viewers to experience the main screen as they would expect from a personal device.

At the core of the Comigo service platform is the Comigo E.I., an Experience Intelligence engine that is designed to do just that – make the TV experience rich with context. Using the Comigo E.I., TV and content providers can quickly roll out content-related applications and services, encourage viewer engagement, and open up new revenue streams.

Modular solutions = More Flexibility

Pay-TV and content providers today need flexibility. As opposed to paying for a wide range of capabilities they may not plan on using, service providers are enjoying modular-based solutions that allow them to add new features, as needed. Not only does this keep costs down, it enables service providers to launch advanced features at their own pace.

At the 2016 TV Connect exhibition, Comigo will show the additional modular hardware and software components that are available, based on the service providers’ needs. These include: Android OTT and IPTV STBs, content applications for every screen, and custom-developed WatchAppTM Applications, which can be either pre-developed or custom-developed based on service provider needs. Comigo’s advanced solution architecture ensures speed to market and a fully customized solution targeted for TV provider needs.

Contextual service pillars that can help you stand apart from the crowd

The pay-TV market today is crowded. Between traditional operators and strictly OTT providers, there is a large pool of service offerings for viewers to choose from. Service providers need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

At TV Connect, Comigo will show how our platform offers a variety of unique capabilities, known as “contextual service pillars.” Through these contextual service pillars, operators can provide a more competitive service offering, and enchant viewers with a totally one-of-a-kind TV experience that is contextual to them and to the content they are watching.

The contextual service pillars include:

  • Pedia: Comigo’s platform enriches TV content with relevant information, data, and social activity, including social media platforms, from a variety of online sources. By enriching content with relevant contextual information, operators can increase stickiness.
  • Participation: With the Comigo platform, operators can engage viewers and increase content spread through data-driven and social features, connecting viewers to the content they are watching.
  • Discovery: Unlike any other platform, Comigo helps drive relevant content discovery by personalizing menus and recommendations to viewers using algorithms and intelligent social features.
  • Commerce: The Comigo platform supports monetization through contextual shopping services.
  • Advertising: With the Comigo platform, operators can offer ultra-targeted, measurable advertising with advanced campaign analytics.

Operators can partner with the Comigo development team or develop their own new unique services.

Want to learn more?  Come visit Comigo, April 26-28, at TV Connect 2016 in London, booth 71.


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