Our Solution

Tv Service Providers

Comigo has developed a multiscreen TV platform targeted to Operators/TV Service Providers. The Comigo solution offers revolutionary social viewing capabilities as well as contextual value added services, all via one super simple and enjoyable personal viewing experience.

Comigo - The Smartest Smart TV Platform Comigo - The Smartest Smart TV Platform Comigo - The Smartest Smart TV Platform

Comigo believes that Android is the optimal Operating System for Smart STBs and TVs; it’s free, flexible and offers a rich ecosystem of Apps and Games. We have customized the Android system to fit the TV viewing experience. 
We’ve integrated a variety of features and capabilities that enable the service provider to extend his product offering beyond the supply of VOD and live channels. Comigo is unique with its personal experience, revolutionary social and interactive capabilities across the user’s activities.

Comigo’s user interface was designed to support the lean-back viewing experience, and can be controlled by Comigo’s remote controls (IR only or IR& RF) and by Comigo’s applications for mobile devices.

To complement our software solution, we supply Android set-top-boxes, pure OTT or Hybrid hardware which has been optimized by us.

Check our STB specifications:

-          Comigo-Duo OTT STB

-          Comigo-Duo Hybrid STB

Comigo is a multi-screen platform, offering a consistent experience everywhere, across devices. Today, our handheld devices, Smartphones and Tablets, are part of our life, and are used as TV viewing screens as well as a companion device while watching the big TV screen.

We offer the TV service provider mobile applications for Android and iOS, Smartphones and Tablets, that deliver the same unique experience offered by Comigo, using a touch interface.

Check out our:

-          Mobile Apps Specifications

We have developed back-end components which enable and support Comigo’s unique experience, especially Comigo’s personal, social and interactive capabilities. We supply admin web interface for the TV Service Provider to manage and control the experience delivered by Comigo clients.

Comigo’s back-end solution components:

  • User management
  • Personalization
  • Social engine
  • WatchApps (content sensitive Apps)
  • Recommendation engine
  • Remote device management (ACS)
  • Android application market
  • Content aggregation
  • Metadata enrichment
  • Stats & Reporting

Service Provider’s Benefits 

Comigo considers you, the TV service provider, as a partner. Our mission is to expand your TV business beyond your content offering. We’ve built our solution based on this mission, giving you the tools and the platform to:

Acquire new subscribers

  • Offer the most innovative experience and differentiate yourself
  • Make your customers your advocates
  • Challenge your pricing model with the new revenue streams offered by Comigo

Increase your premium content consumption

  • Monetize your premium on multiple screens
  • Prompt the viewer with the most relevant content for him
  • Let viewers promote their favorite content (social post)
  • Increase your content views by viral campaigns
  • Lets your TV viewers invite their friends to watch together
  • Promotes your content using Comigo’s UI real-estate

Improve Advertising Effectiveness

  • Define micro-targeted campaigns and expand their reach using Comigo’s social viral features
  • Advertising through Comigo’s companion mobile device Apps
  • Use the UI real-estate reserved for advertising

Increase ARPU from New Set of Value-Added-Services

  • Context-aware Applications which can be overlaid on top of the broadcasted stream
  • Offer unique on-line services, such as: banking services, E-Health / Consulting services, Connected home, Shopping/e-Commerce
  • Offer variety of Android-based Apps and casual games
  • Use Comigo as your Game console for cloud based gaming
  • On-line Gaming

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Simple set-up (no technician is required) and intuitive UI
  • TR69/ACS – Remote devices management
  • Self Service via the TV


The Comigo Android-based Smart Set-Top-Box (STB) runs Comigo Software client solution, which is designed to turn any TV from a regular screen into a Smart Social entertainment unit. The Smart STB can stream video and audio content from IPTV channels, OTT video distribution, VOD stores, external USB hard drives and content stored on a home network. 

Size and Weight:

  • Height: 32mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Depth: 113mm
  • Weight: 272gr


  • Cortex A9 ARM based CPU
  • Hybrid digital TV (DVB-T, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n)
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbps
  • HDMI out
  • Optical SPDIF (TOSLINK) output
  • Three external USB 2.0 ports
  • Full audio and video CODEC support
  • Client / Server UPnP support
  • Internal SD card (optional)
  • Internal HDD (optional)

Remote Control:

The STB can be controlled by a basic or advanced remote control or via a Smartphone or a Tablet using iOS and Android applications.

Comigo's Advanced Remote Control

Comigo remote control

  • Combo universal remote control:
  • IR and RF
  • Keyboard
  • 4-way interface navigation
  • Gyro-based mouse


Mobile Client Apps

Comigo offers a consistent TV viewing experience across devices. Comigo client Apps for Smartphones and Tablets, Android and iOS based, offer the following functionality:

  • EPG (including setting a recording remotely on the Smart Set-Top-Box)
  • Support TV live channels
  • Full VOD catalog viewing and playing capabilities
  • OTT content relevant to the specific user
  • Streamer and Player 
  • Full client/server streaming 
  • Personal viewing keeping a continuity and consistency across devices
  • Remotely control Comigo Set-Top-Box (4-way navigation, Gesture control, flying mouse, Keyboard)
  • Interactive experience either as a layer on top of the broadcasted stream or as a standalone layer