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Comigo is the most advanced platform around. It opens up a world of opportunities for operators and for broadcasters: new ways to earn revenue, acquire new customers, seizing market leadership and a whole lot of entertainment excitement!

Comigo solution is a game-changer, enhancing not only the viewer experience, but also your bottom line, by offering social interactive value-added-services on top of the broadcasted stream

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Our best-in-class social and interactive features and capabilities provide an exceptional yet consistent multi-screen user experience, opening new horizons for your viewers. Your customers are gonna love it!


Bring your social network of friends to the TV. Check what they're watching. Invite them to watch with you, interact, chat, swap ideas – it’s like they’re in the same room! Enjoy Comigo revolutionary applications which are relevant to the show you are watching
Ground-Breaking Social Viewing
Ground-Breaking Social Viewing Ground-Breaking Social Viewing Ground-Breaking Social Viewing Ground-Breaking Social Viewing
Ground-Breaking Social Viewing


It’s a consistent viewing experience across different screens, effortlessly streaming the viewed content between devices and using Smartphones or Tablets as companion devices to thrilling TV viewing;
allowing control of the Smart Set-Top-Box/TV.
Record a program remotely and manage the social interactions privately while watching the show on the TV screen.

Comigo - Multi-Screen Platform

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    September 12-16, 2014